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Construction progress

Construction progress Förthof residence


DER FÖRTHOF is a symphony of winery, hotel, and restaurant in Förthof near Krems, Lower Austria. The winery opened in 2021.

The listed, historic Förthof residence is currently being restored to have sufficient space for a restaurant, bar, and wine shop starting in 2024/2025.

February 2024

The renovation of the facade of the historic manor is complete. The original frescoes on the medieval building have been meticulously restored with great craftsmanship, bringing them back to their former glory. Additionally, the two modern hotel wings on the left and right have already reached their full height and are now receiving their roofs.

July 2023

A project for top experts: the careful modernization and restoration of the interior of the historic manor. Electrical installations, heating, ventilation, elevator – all from the 21st century. The historic shell dates back to the Middle Ages. Here are a few initial glimpses of the future restaurant.

May 2023

The construction work for our two hotel wings, on the left and right of the historic manor, is progressing rapidly. The foundation pits have been excavated, and the basement walls have been erected. In the East wing, the casting of the basement ceiling is already being prepared. One can already see the entrance to the underground parking garage here. The facade work on the protected historic manor is also progressing swiftly.

November 2022

On the occasion of the test construction of the mechanical flood protection walls, representatives of the Krems Volunteer Fire Department, including Commander Mr. Urschler, the Krems Municipality, SAN Real Bau, and the planning office Schneider Consult met at the site of Ansitz Förthof. Since flooding events must be expected along the Danube River, the assembled team practiced the installation of the walls for an emergency.

However, the system cannot be put into operation until 2023, when the pump will also be installed.

Normally, the flood warning system triggers the alarm about twelve hours in advance. The protective walls are then in place within an hour and protect the DER FÖRTHOF area from the flood.

July 2022

The concrete work is completed, the flood protection is in place. To ensure that the surrounding area is stable, the excavation pit is secured on the right side of the Ansitz. The archaeological excavations, which are taking place on both sides of the Ansitz Förthof, have been completed on one side, so that securing the building pit can now begin on the left.

The roofing and carpentry work are now finished, and the plaster on the ground floor is currently being removed from the exterior façade so that it can be renovated afterwards.

Centuries-old elements were uncovered on both the exterior façades and the interior walls, which are now being restored with great dedication and attention to detail.


April 2022

New photos of the Förthof residence. The roof on the south side is currently being reinforced and re-roofed.

The same work was done in the west wing last year. The lift shaft and two new ceilings are currently being constructed there.

In the upcoming weeks, all securing measures are planned on the western outer wall of the centuries-old Förthof.

March 2022

In order to protect the hotel, winery, and restaurant in the best possible way, there will be built-in flood protection. The underground construction is currently being carried out.

As a first step, excavation support is carried out for future additional buildings. In the meantime, work at the historic Förthof residence has been progressing. Restorers prepare plaster surfaces, and brickwork for the future rooms is done in compliance with all prerequisites of the Austrian Federal Monuments Office. The casings of the lift shaft are built, in the lobby a board casing is used.  

To ensure that the centuries-old walls remain stable in the future, we take safety measures to preserve them in the best possible way. Just recently, we had to secure the abort tower, completely mortar it and pour a new foundation.


February 2022

Magnificent views: The pictures show the Förthof residence from a bird's-eye view. The construction work is in full swing, and the progress is impressive.


January 2022

In a report from the NÖN Krems (03/2022) newspaper, you can read exciting information about our project, directly from the horse's mouth.

Read more about the reasons why DER FÖRTHOF is so important to SAN Group founder Erich Erber:

Go to the newspaper article (German only)

December 2021

In 2013, the SAN Group purchased the Förthof residence- a jewel at the gateway to the beautiful Wachau region. After consultation with the Austrian Federal Monuments Office and the authorities, the revitalization of the Förthof and the detailed planning of the two wings started in 2021.

As a SAN Real project, the renovation of the Förthof in the west wing is currently in full swing.

The works on the roof structure are completed, the listed building is ready for roofing. The roof will be finished at the end of December, just in time for Christmas.

Currently, the first fittings are done: The sewage channels, electricity, and heating are under construction, and the first layer has already been concreted.

First wall openings were completed in compliance and close coordination with the Austrian Federal Monuments Office. Flood control measures are already in place. 

Casings for the lift shaft, stairway, and lobby are planned for 2022, the establishment of new partition walls and additional electric installations will follow.