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Yoga & wine in the Weingut Förthof

All pictures: © Element Yoga, Krems


Yoga & Wine

Pause, find peace, let the energy flow. Yoga originated in India and has been practiced for thousands of years.

If you are looking for relaxation in a wonderful ambience, between birdsong and vines, you have come to the right place.

Pure relaxation with yoga and meditation, wine, sparkling wine and finger food, directly in our vineyards, was offered on June 24 at Yoga & Wine. Fantastic views over the Danube, vineyards, and Wachau included.

After a first refreshment, we went directly to our vineyards for yoga. Afterwards, the yogis were allowed to taste their way through our wines and enjoy sandwiches from Harry's.


We are already looking forward to the next session.

More information will follow as soon as a date is set.