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21. Winery  
On the southern slopes of the Kögl, Gaisberg and Pfaffenberg hills, our wine has been growing on century-old terraces, making it a wine of special quality. Our love for local wines is deeply rooted…  
22. Home  
Well-Being – Enjoying – Experiencing: These are our 3 Keys to Bliss  
23. History  
© Bundes Denkmalamt; Ansitz Förthof im 20 Jahrhundert DER FÖRTHOF looks back on a long and historical past. The core of the central, historic building dates back to the second half of the 16th century and is a listed building. A previous building had…  
24. Legal notice  
LEGAL NOTICE PUBLISHER DER FÖRTHOF represented by SAN Group GmbH Industriestraße 21 3130 Herzogenburg Austria Regional court St. Pölten www.san-group.com office@san-group.com FN…  
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TERMS AND CONDITIONS TERMS AND CONDITIONS These terms and conditions apply to the use of this website, including obtaining of services over this website. In using this website for these or any…  
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PRIVACY POLICY (A) GENERAL INFORMATION This policy is to be read in conjunction with the terms and conditions of acceptable use and the registration/membership terms which apply to this site.…  
27. Arrival  
Arrival by car Coming from Vienna Drive up the Danube on A22, Donauuferautobahn, in the direction of Stockerau; take the exit to S5, Stockerauer Schnellstraße in the direction of Tulln, and follow…  
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29. Our wines  
Winery Förthof wines with origin and character  
30. Spirits  
Excellent spirits from Winery Förthof  
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